We can welcome Mónika Szökőcs as the first female member among the members of the Committee for the Independence of Transylvania, Partium and Banat.


From 1 December 2022, Mónika Szökőcs is officially a member of the Independence Committee!

When we set up the Independence Committee in August, we did not think that the Romanian government would interrogate our family members and at the same time intimidate them, suspecting them of being involved in terrorist activities.

Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism Bucharest!
Section for Combating Terrorism and Cybercrime Bucharest!

Terorism 0

Section for the fight against organized crime Nagyvárad!
Organization for combating the financing of Terrorism Nagyvárad!

I would not wish anyone to experience the fear and humiliation that my wife and our child experienced in September when we entered and exited the Border Crossing at the Bors border.

And I didn't even mention the interrogation in my hometown, Nagyvárad.

Nevertheless, in the last 3 months my wife could experience how many people want to live independently from Romania.

Therefore, my dear wife decided to overcome her fear and join the Independence Committee to support our work in the hope of a better future.

We have many other great members in the Independence Committee, Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and Jews, but they are still at home and for security reasons their names or photos cannot be published yet.

We do not want members of the Independence Committee to go to prison, as happened in Spain.

Secretly, they can do more at home than go public and wake up in prison the next day.

That is why I ask as many people as possible from the diaspora to contact us. If they live abroad, they can easily get involved in jobs that are unfortunately still dangerous in their home countries.

Ladies welcome too!

Dear ladies, please join us!

I hope to welcome many more ladies among our members!

May God bless all the people on this earth, and may God give much strength to all the members of the Independent Committee and all those who support us to realize our vision and everyone's dream of building a great country for our children and future generations.

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1 John 3:18