Romanian journalist who does not respect the freedom of expression!

Here you can see how Romanian journalists work together with the Romanian Secret Service.

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Ovidiu Adrian Bucur -Translation from Romanian: We cannot stand idly by! We must work for Independent Transylvania! I'm a journalist, a bona fide journalist and, if you want, I could manage this group without any problems!

Ovidiu Adrian Bucur - Translation from Romanian: thank you very much on behalf of all.

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Ovidiu Adrian Bucur -Translation from Romanian: is no longer posting ANYONE iredentist, chauvinist, revisionist or separatist content! Romania is a national, unitary, sovereign, independent and indivisible state! Who doesn't like it, emigrate!

In September, we launched a Transylvania (including Partium and Banat) Facebook group for citizens seeking independence from Romania. Ovidiu Adrian Bucur became one of the administrators of this group on 15 November 2022. The Facebook group was only 3 months old, but it already had many members.

Ovidiu Adrian Bucur does not have the right to disable the page and change the name of the page.

He was not the owner of the site.

We are now contacting Facebook to try to follow up legally.

Unfortunately, this shows how little we can trust the Romanian press and its people.

The Interim Government will draft a new media law.

1. Press and media companies that try to hide news about the independence of Transylvania, Partium und Banat from August 15, 2023 cannot expect to get a license to operate.

2. Press and media companies that distort the real news and pit the Hungarian and Romanian people against each other will no longer be allowed to operate after August 15, 2023.

The above two points also apply to all journalists, moderators, reporters, television and radio presenters.

We ask all press and media companies, journalists, anchormen, reporters, TV and radio announcers to join us!

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