The Interim Government will draft a new media law!

Vienna, 04 October 2022

From August 15, 2023, all press and media companies, whether print media, online media or radio and TV stations, will have to acquire a license to operate in Transylvania, Partium und Banat.

1. Press and media companies that try to hide news about the independence of Transylvania, Partium und Banat from August 15, 2023 cannot expect to get a license to operate.

2. Press and media companies that distort the real news and pit the Hungarian and Romanian people against each other will no longer be allowed to operate after August 15, 2023.

The above two points above also apply to all journalists, moderators, reporters, TV and radio announcers.

We give every press and media companies, journalists, moderators, reporters, TV and radio announcers the opportunity to decide for themselves which path they want to take.

We ask all press and media companies, journalists, anchormen, reporters, TV and radio announcers to join us!

Kind regards from Vienna,

Team of the Committee for the Independence of Transylvania, Partium and Banat

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