Dear Szeklers, let us unite our forces!

Let us renounce our demand for autonomy from Bucharest and focus on full independence from Romania!

We have waited long enough for the Hungarian parties and politicians in Transylvania, Partium and Banat. They have had more than 30 years to prove themselves. Unfortunately, they cannot show any tangible change, only that the number of Hungarians and Szeklers has decreased drastically in the last 33 years.

Many people have asked how it is possible that Hungarian politicians and parties in Transylvania have not been able to achieve autonomy for Szeklerland in the last 33 years.

Many of us know the answer to this question, but it is better not to talk about it, because it would be painful for Hungarians if they found out the truth.

We have established the Independence Committee to correct the mistakes of our past and to do everything in our power to ensure a better future for our children.

All we have to do is to unite in love and respect with our brothers and sisters of all ethnicities in Transylvania, Partium, Banat and the Diaspora and to declare our will for independence.

Last updated on January 25, 2023

(from this date, for security reasons, we will no longer update the exact number of supporters).

Over 2,015,000 people support the Independence Committee,


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