Bucharest has long known that it is losing not only a large territory, but also nearly 8 million inhabitants.

Video Cristian Tudor Popescu 1

Transylvania decides, together with the Romanians, that it has nothing more to do with Romania!

alarmclock 3  September 30, 2022

Attention, now I am going to say something that is not pleasant, dangerous, but I cannot hide it. Read More

Video Diana 1

Senator Diana Iovanovici Șoșoaca!

alarmclock 3  September 29, 2022

Question: From a legal and administrative point of view, is there any chance of Transylvania seceding? The answer of the senator is: Yes! Sure, they can. Read More

Video Dan Puric 01

Romania Without Transylvania!

alarmclock 3  August 29, 2022

The map of Romania will not include Transylvania! Without Transylvania? YES! Read More

Video Maria Ghiorghiu 1

Prophecy made by Maria Ghiorghiu!

alarmclock 3  August 29, 2022

The woman who predicted the fire in Colectiv. Maria Ghiorghiu is convinced that Transylvania will be torn from Romania in the not too distant future. Read More

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