The famous fortune teller Maria Ghiorgiu made a gloomy hypothesis: Transylvania will secede from Romania!

Maria Ghiorghiu, the woman who predicted the fire in Colectiv. The Colectiv nightclub fire was a deadly fire in Bucharest, Romania, on 30 October 2015, which killed 64 people

The famous fortune teller Maria Ghiorgiu made a gloomy hypothesis: Transylvania will secede from Romania.

Maria Ghiorghiu is convinced that Transylvania will be torn from Romania in the not too distant future. The woman who predicted the fire in Colectiv is firmly convinced that this vision will come true, especially since she has it for the third time.

Maria Ghiorghiu, about Transylvania and the Union of Churches.

"Tonight, as I was writing here on the blog, I heard a voice saying something very disturbing. The voice said this, "They will take Transylvania". But there are more and more voices saying this, "We are jumping for Transylvania too. The whole church, in one church". And then everything disappears," Maria Ghiorghiu wrote in her blog.

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Maria Ghiorghiu has spoken on several occasions about the secession of Transylvania from Romania.

The first time she did so in 2017, when she wrote that Transylvania "will be broken from Romania.  She told that this would happen "in the near or distant future" and that she had heard this from a voice that had awakened her, telling her that Romania would be divided and lose this region, because "so it is ordained for us from above".

The clairvoyant also made some clarifications on the subject.

"Dear friends, I have written many times about Transylvania. Namely, that we will lose it. But as always, there are those who throw stones. I can assure them and you that we will lose Transylvania (unfortunately)! When exactly or in what context, I can not tell you. But I can tell you with certainty that it will happen as the Holy Spirit has told me.

These are things that are decided from above, and we have no way to oppose them....

Let us pray to the dear God and Mother of God to forgive us for everything we have done wrong and not to turn His face away from us, His children. May he help us and have mercy on us with his mercy and love for people. With love, Maria, wrote the Foresight.

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